De vele positieve reacties van onze gasten, waarvan de meesten ons vijf sterren geven op Trip Advisor, heeft geresulteerd in de beloning van een officiële ‘Certificate of Excellence’ sinds 2013.

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Service and accommodation is excellent, and a dip in the sparkling pool is a great way to cool off. The Sundowner Cruise along the Kafue River is not to be missed… Mukambi Safari Lodge is the sort of place to which you feel compelled to return…..often.

Paul (Sweden)

Have been multiple times to Mukambi's three different lodges/camps .. each time it is a treat to be back 'home'.

Richard (Netherlands)

There really aren’t words to express how incredible the Mukambi Lodge and Safari experience was for us. The staff is amazing, and they make sure to personalize the experience. The accommodations are excellent, just the right combination of rustic and luxe. The food is incredible and the service impeccable. And that doesn’t even begin to describe the safari experience. Lions, elephants, hippos, zebras, monkeys, baboons — all up close in the most breath-taking setting we could imagine. We stayed at Fig Tree, which is highly recommended for anyone who wants to disconnect and become immersed in the experience. All I can think of is how to get back there. Paradise.

Angiemac55 Jacksonville, Florida (USA)

We were also lucky enough during our visit to stay at the new bush camp Fig Tree. Wow! The 3m high tents in the tree canopy are a thing of beauty. There is nothing quite like having the bespoke tent "windows" down, waking to the sight and sound of the tree leaves in the calm breeze. Incredible. There is a wonderful boma area and fire pit in the sand below. The hammock on the beach overlooking the lagoon is a real treat, spend an afternoon here listening to the birds and watching the array of wildlife pass you by.

Tiffany C Maidstone (United Kingdom)

We just loved this lodge! The staff were so friendly they really couldn't do enough for us. The meals were not only totally delicious they were taken in their lovely dining room overlooking the river. Our accommodation was in a "permanent" tent overlooking the river. The view was a dream and we couldn't have asked for a more fitting place to drink our afternoon G&Ts. Thank you so much!

JeanAustria (Austria)

Our tented accommodation was spacious and comfortable with a shower inside and a bath out on the balcony overlooking the river. The lodge supports a local community school and I was taken there for a visit. The students sang a song of welcome when I arrived. Before I left they sang a farewell song, "We're saying goodbye but not for ever." I hope it won't be for ever. I really want to go again and stay longer next time.

Eileen K Ipswich, England (United Kingdom)

This lodge has a great view over the kafue river. We've stayed at Mukambi twice last year. The hospitality, food, accommodation and safaris are excellent. Definitely going to visit again. Last January we booked a tent, which was absolutely perfect. The rooms are very clean and have a nice balcony with a view over the river.

Mike H.

Mukambi is a gem along the river. The food was magnificent, the lodging was lovely, and the views were magnificent. The colours of the sunsets here are breath-taking. The game drives were excellent, the drivers very well educated, kind, and easy to chat with en route. We really did not want to leave this special place in the world.

bwon3 Boston, Massachusetts (USA)

We travelled up to the Busanga Plains the following day. Magical! Words cannot convey the beauty of the plains and how special it is. The plains camp is an oasis of calm surrounded by lechwe, lions, elephants, true wilderness. It is phenomenal, and the staff are a true asset, attentive, friendly and extremely welcoming.

Tiffany C Maidstone (United Kingdom)

The Busanga plains is the jewel of the Kafue and is renowned for the concentrations of game. 720 square kilometres and three camps in total means that you are not going to be crowded, that is for sure. The game viewing was superb and so was the camp. The tents are beautifully appointed and with great outdoor showers. The staff are all friendly and helpful and everything worked very well indeed. I would recommend this camp to anyone wishing to see Busanga.

792GJD Edinburgh (United Kingdom)