Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Mukambi?


Mukambi Safari Lodge is a 3 hour drive from Lusaka once on the M9 (this depends on traffic and where you start off from within Lusaka) , 275 km down the Lusaka-Mongu road (M9). From Lusaka you take the road to Mumbwa to Nalusanga gate, the Eastern gate of Kafue National Park. After the gate you continue for another 85km where you will reach the Mukambi Safari Lodge sign on your left hand side. Turn off and follow the all weather road for another 2km. the GPS coordinates are S14 58.663, EO25 59.577


We recommend you use either the Shalom or Juldan Bus Services that depart from Grand Central Station (near Levy Junction) at 08h00 and again at 12h00 daily to Mongu (Mukambi is about halfway between Lusaka and Mongu). Approximate price is $25 per person each way. No need to pre-book as there is most likely space on one of the buses.

You will need to notify the bus driver you wish to be dropped at the Mukambi turn off. They are quite used to doing this. We will be waiting for you at the turn off approx. 3.5 hours after you depart so from around 11h30 on the morning bus or 15h30 on the afternoon bus. Should you not arrive 2 hours after this time we will then return to the lodge. Should you arrive after this time please do not walk down the road unaccompanied. Rather wait for a passing vehicle or staff member and accompany them to the lodge.

We strongly advise you to call us once you have left Grand Central. Should you not have your own cell phone number you will find one of the passengers quite happy to offer you the use of his/her phone to call us or send a message. We can always call you back. Please keep our numbers above handy.



Proflight recently announced they will be flying to the Kafue National Park from 1 July 2015 to 31 October 2015. See The primary airfield they will service will be Chunga which is located in the centre of the park near Mukambi Safari Lodge but Proflight are able to add on additional stops on request so will be able to fly to the Busanga Plains. You can contact them directly for reservations. They fly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays late mornings and conveniently meet on going flights to other parts of Zambia as well as certain International flights.

Contact details for Proflight as follows:

Lusaka Central Reservations

Land Lines: +260 (0) 211 252452/476

Cell Line: +260 (0) 977 33 55 63


The nearest all weather airfield is located at Chunga, S15.15.00 E025″59’00, and will accommodate a plane approximately the same size as a Caravan (it is 1,5km long).


Private transfers can be arranged directly with us. Please enquire for prices.

Is Mukambi a high risk Malaria area?

Malaria is not prevalent in this region as it is not very populated, however it is advisable to take a prophylaxis while travelling anywhere in Africa. Malaria Test kits are kept on site as well as at a nearby clinic (30 mins).

Do you have a laundry facility and what are the charges?

Laundry services are provided for our chalets and safari tents and are complementary

Do you have electricity at the lodge and what plug sockets do you use?

Power at Mukambi is provided by solar, with generator as back up. All chalets have 220V plug points but items drawing a lot of power eg hair driers cannot be run off these plugs. Plug type is UK standard. Busanga provides fuel lamps and solar LED lights for reading in the tents.

Do you have cellphone reception and WI-FI at the lodge?

We have recently received mobile cell signal at Mukambi Lodge. Guests are advised if they wish to make use of this cell signal to purchase an AIRTEL sim-card (available from Lusaka Airport), this can be inserted to most phones, Blackberry’s, iPhones, etc. Talk time will be subject to availability at the lodge. There is no cell signal at Busanga Plains Camp. Please note that all phones must be switched off whilst on activities.

Wi-Fi is available at Mukambi free of charge so those clients with their own devices can easily stay in touch with their folk back home. A guest computer is also available. Contact number for the lodge is +260 974424013. Wi-Fi facilities are available at Busanga but not at Fig Tree Bush Camp.

Does Mukambi close for the wet season?

Mukambi Safari Lodge remains open throughout the wet season. We are blessed with 275km of good tar road to our turn off. Thereafter it is only 2km of good gravel road that is perfectly driveable with a normal saloon car.

Are there Tsetse Flies in the park?

For all they are ever-present and a frustration, they play a very important role in the eco systems of many African game parks. Encroachment is a sad reality as the burgeoning population worldwide puts immense pressure on our fragile and shrinking wildernesses.
They carry no disease that is dangerous to humans in Zambia but they do affect all domestic animals and livestock.

Do you cater for specific dietary requirements such as vegetarians?

Yes we do. Please inform reservations when making your booking what your dietary requirements are.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express credit/debit cards and Kwacha cash. Note: a 3% handling fee is charged on all card transactions.

How do the Park Fees work?

Park fees are payable in Kwacha cash to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Park on departure at reception unless included in your rate. Mukambi falls into a game management area so park fees and bed night levies are not compulsory and park fees are paid only once the park is accessed for activities. Please enquire direct for full details.

Is there a question that is not answered above? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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