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Mukambi Safaris Activities

Mukambi Safaris offers wonderful game drives, river cruises, fishing trips and unique walking safaris through the Kafue National Park of Zambia, the largest park of Africa.

Game Drive

The game drive offers the greatest opportunity for spotting game as a large area is covered. At Mukambi we start the game drive by crossing the Kafue River by boat, in an area where other game drive vehicles are seldom seen. The game drives are in the early morning or later afternoon/evening when animals are most active. The main focus of many guests are the big animals, in particular the big cats and elephants. The Kafue has all the big African cats as well as the smallest. But with our experienced and highly qualified guides you will experience much more. They will tell you about the eco system with all her flora and fauna (if you like you can practice your Latin on scientific names….). A game drive with an experienced guide is much more than just looking for big animals. Birds are fascinating as well and our guides can probably show you birds that you have never seen before.

Walking Safari

The walking safari last a few hours and is more of an educational activity. Large game can be sighted and the guests are also taught about the plant and insect life at their feet. Our experienced trackers give detailed descriptions of what the animals have been up to and how best to go about finding them. Guests are completely safe as the walking safaris are conducted by our well trained guides.

Boat Cruise

The boat cruise is more of a relaxing activity which allows guests to put their feet up and enjoy the scenery. Guests can view the vastness of the mighty Kafue and acknowledge the unique eco system which our guides are always more than willing to educate guests about. What impresses mosts guests is that no other boats are see. You can experience the Kafue River without any disturbance of mass tourism. Sightings are always different, but hippos, crocodiles, different antelopes and sometimes elephant (drinking or crossing the river) are common sightings. The Kafue River also has some of Africa’s largest Nile crocodiles which can all be seen from the safety of our pontoon. Birdwatchers will be in their element with common sightings like the African Finfoot and other rare birds. Common sightings include; jacana, wattled crane, open and saddle billed stork and a variety of king fisher.

Fishing Trip

The fishing trip also gives the opportunity to relax and try one’s hand at catching some large fish. Some of the most common fish caught include bream, Kafue bream, black and silver barbel and Kafue pike.

A Night Under the Stars

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that there are few things more humbling or awe-inspiring than gazing up into the vastness of a star-spangled night sky. Stepping outdoors to sleep beneath the stars has been known to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. And because sleep is one of the three major pillars of health, it only makes sense that slumbering in the great outdoors is something we should all try at least once in our lives.

Therefore we have built star-beds at Fig Tree Bush Camp/Busanga Plains Camp to give you a truly unique experience! The star-bed is on 4 meter platform with a railing and a mosquito net, at 2 meters high we have a flushing toilet and hand basin. Each platform will have a handheld radio and paraffin lamps for your safety and comfort. Guests can book the star-bed on arrival in camp at no extra costs.