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Staying fit and healthy as a bush resident

Staying fit and healthy as a bush resident “It’s possible, but often a challenge to maintain good health and fitness in the bush, but with some persistence it’s very manageable” says Laura Sinnema, our newest staff member. Laura is a professional health practitioner...

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Plight of the Pangolin

You may have heard of this strange, nocturnal little creature, but most have not. The plight of the Pangolin is receiving good publicity in South Africa right now and no less so here in Zambia, where last year alone the Zambian Department of National Parks and...

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Finding Connection in the African Bush

This time last year I was jetting between European cities attending meetings, visiting remote factories and delivering presentations, all the while glued to my phone, responding to emails, calls, skype messages and more. My life was divided into 30 minute sections...

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If you thought you knew the Puku, think again

I’ve been called all sorts over the years; Vardon’s kob, the Kafue goat, poku, and more recently, puku – but my proper name is Kobus vardoni. We were given the name by David Livingstone after his elephant-hunting buddy, Major Frank Vardon. My family include the...

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Don’t make me “Hangry”!

The sharp eyes of our experienced guide, Frazer, spotted a young male Leopard at dawn in the long grass bordering the banks of the mighty Kafue river yesterday. The cat was a little skittish, and on closer inspection we could see why; the Leopard was about to tuck...

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