Basil – in memoriam

For 14 years Basil, Mukambi’s house hippo, made it clear to humans and animals alike that Mukambi Safari Lodge was his territory. He paraded around the bar, investigated the meals in the dining area, grazed among the chalets and luxury tents and took in the rays, cooling off in the Kafue next to our jetty. We are sorry to announce to all his dedicated followers that Basil passed away recently. We suspect it was his fierce defense of his territory against other local hippos that may have finally got the best of him. Unfortunately it is not the survival of the finest, but of the fittest…..

Please do share any memories and photos of Basil from visits to Mukambi, so we can all remember him, as he deserves. A legend will always be remembered.

If you have some nice photos or videos for us to remember Basil, please send them to us via or via In the near future we will create a nice Gallery of images and videos.