Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism has to come from a real desire to make a difference.. Going green because it is trendy and marketable does not help conservation and communities. For over 14 years we have worked hard to make a difference with responsible tourism.

We’re proud that Lonely Planet selected Mukambi Safari Lodge as one of the few lodges in Zambia that demonstrates an active responsible tourism policy.

Use of renewal energy

All our camps run on 100% renewable solar energy and at Mukambi Safari Lodge we were the first in Zambia to install the most environmental friendly battery technology (LiFePO4).

Community School

Over 14 years ago we started our Mukambi Community School to provide education to the local community in an area where no good schools exist. The results are spectacular; the well-equipped school now provides 78 local children with a high standard of education, and we have five teachers in permanent employment. Conservation is an important subject at our school.


Conservation plays a major part in everything we do in Kafue National Park. We work closely together with the Department of National Parks and with Game Rangers International (GRI) on anti-poaching and other conservation goals. GRI has its Kafue offices and animal rehabilitation centre on the Mukambi grounds.

Support of local communities

Long-term conservation only can be accomplished in close cooperation with the local communities. Some of the projects we launched to support the local community included a borehole for clean drinking water, giving the Mukambi Women’s Group an outlet for their handmade crafts in our curio shop, and supporting the local chieftainess with farming inputs, like oxen, ploughs and fertilizer. We also have a job training programme and 50 members of the local community now have permanent employment.
Guests at Mukambi can visit the projects to learn more about conservation and the local communities.