Heinrich Filter has mastered the art of conservation, through mastering the art of sculpture. Sharing a lifelong love affair with the African bush, Heinrich initially opted for a career as a professional guide, fueling his appreciation for nature. Spending 12 years immersed in the wild, observing intricate details of wildlife, unknowingly collecting ideas for his future as a sculptor.

With no formal training, Heinrich found himself working in London with internationally renowned sculptor, Simon Dyer, as a silversmith and finisher. Here he gained experience as well as a reputation for excellent craftsmanship working with a variety of sculptors equipping himself with the tools for a solo career as a sculptor. Fusing new found knowledge and engrained love of old for wildlife, Heinrich naturally created pieces which reflected his time, passion and detailed knowledge of the bush.

Recreating experiences and showcasing the wonders that inhabit African wildspaces, Heinrich gives the gift of being able to take Africa home with you. This enables the journey to resonate beyond a safari, as well as make an impact to community conservation. By collaborating with Mukambi Safaris, a platform has been created to spread awareness about the threats and conflicts both wildlife and communities face on the ground. Each piece sold off the Mukambi website generates a donation towards the Mukambi Community School – the buyer consequently investing in art as well as providing education opportunities. Responsible tourism is at the heart of Mukambi – and such initiatives allow for sustainability of the National Park and its surrounding communities.

Click here to learn more about the responsible tourism projects supported by Mukambi Safari Lodge, and perhaps explore Heinrich’s website to invest in your own piece of Africa, investing in the future of the Mukambi community.