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Covid-19 Update

The Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world has brought us all into unchartered territory. It is unclear where this will lead  and uncertain how long it will take, but for now, Mukambi Safaris remains open and we are still taking new bookings for those still able to travel.

In terms of physical measures, improving hygiene has been our key priority:

● We have increased the cleaning of high-touch areas, including door handles, push plates, work stations and reusable equipment.
● We have a bucket of water with a tap, a roll of paper toweling, soap and a sanitizer at the lodge entrance where guests can wash their hands on arrival.
● All staff wear masks on the guests arrival, if the guests take them off, so does the staff.
● There are also sanitizers throughout the lodge i.e on the bar, on a table down and upstairs as well as on the coffee station.
● The waiters and room attendants wipe down all surfaces in the restaurant, main lodge area including bathroom doors/handles, chair seats/handles throughout the day.
● Room attendants do the same in all the accommodation.
● All sheets and towels are washed in hot water.
● The guides sanitize the game drive vehicles and boats before every activity.
● Activity snacks are individually packed as to prevent guests putting their hands in one bowl/container.
● Ponchos for the drives in the winter months are designated to a guest on arrival and are washed once the guest departs.

We are doing everything we can to ensure our staff are not sent home and will look after our total Mukambi family as best we can in these challenging times. All staff have switched to a single day shift working in the vegetable garden and the grounds
around Mukambi. The lodge has also introduced a range of measures to protect guests and staff whilst minimising
disruption and maintaining our high standard of service.