The sharp eyes of our experienced guide, Frazer, spotted a young male Leopard at dawn in the long grass bordering the banks of the mighty Kafue river yesterday. The cat was a little skittish, and on closer inspection we could see why; the Leopard was about to tuck into a fresh Puku kill. The moment was expertly captured by one of our guests, Mr Karthik Jayaprakash.

Leopards are fairly common in the Kafue National Park , but rarely seen in the open, on the ground, with their prey. This elusive cat typically drags it’s prey into the shade of a nearby tree, and often carries it up the tree to keep it safe from other scavengers intent on stealing their prize. This is an impressive feat given that an adult Puku weighs between 70 and 80kgs! Karthik has managed to capture the perfect “hangry” face of this Panthera who is convinced we are about to steal his breakfast