Gilbert Kangombe

Favourite Animal: Side-Striped Jackal

Gilbert is the head guide at Mukambi Safaris and having worked here for over 15 years, he has gained the experience and skill, which makes him the perfect man for the job. His knowledge of walking safaris is impeccable and having the opportunity to express his love for nature and the time to converse to guests about their cultures, makes walking safaris his favourite activity. He chose to work in Kafue National Park for this exact reason, the sightings are not disturbed by any other vehicles, it is a special secret, between the guide and the guest. In your down time, don’t hesitate to ask Gilbert about his many adventures guiding at Mukambi, he has some stories to tell!

Ferrison Kalembelembe

Favourite Animal: Puku

Ferrison is one of our top guides at Mukambi, his interest in guiding from a young age (spurred when he used to sneak into his true home, Kafue National Park, after school), means his knowledge of birds rivals any other guide in the Kafue. He is able to name most of the birds by name and can even distinguish the many of these by their flying pattern. His keen spotting has even earned him the name ‘Eagle eyes’. Although he never tires of game drives, you can often find him leading boat cruises, which give him the opportunity to slowly explain all the intimate details of the surrounding wildlife and in turn form a friendly relationship with guests.

Frazer Shibomba

Favourite Animal: Leopard

Frazer began his career at Mukambi 17 years ago, and from then he has developed his skill in many departments at the lodge, predominantly guiding. Having trained with Victor, Gilbert and Ferrison, he learned from their skill and knowledge how to thrive as a guide in the Kafue. You will be sure to find him smiling as he leads a game drive through the bush, as he enjoys the guests reactions when he spots big game. But this is not his only concern, he makes every safari special by interweaving stories from the village and of Zambian culture. Frazer even spotted a bird (name) in 2016, which had never been sighted in the Kafue before!

Caesar Chalikwepa

Favourite Animal: Elephant

Caesar has climbed the ropes in the safari industry, beginning his career as a casual worker and working his way up to being a professional guide. After graduating his guiding exams 10 years ago, he joined Mukambi 5 years later and our team is better off for it! He will be sure to make your safari special as he understands the needs of every guests, listens to their interests, and specifically caters all the activities around your needs, making every safari he takes unique. Although his passion is game drives because every encounter is different and he has the opportunity to get up close and personal to the larger game, since he has worked at Mukambi he is hastily improving his knowledge of birding to compete with the likes of Ferrison.

Powell Nchimunya

Favourite Animal: Leopard

Powell’s passion for guiding also developed as a young age, after started his career guiding at a reptile park, he soon realized he wanted to expand his knowledge of guiding and experience animals, as they are meant to be, in the wild. Although he began guiding 10 years ago, he only joined our Mukambi team last year, however this has not stopped him from showing all the Kafue has to offer, even two lion cubs attempting to take down a full-grown hippo! Although his favours a game drive because of the large area you cover, don’t hesitate to ask him about the creepy crawlies or slithering creatures, on which he has a wealth of knowledge!

David Chirwa

Favourite Animal: Crocodile

David is our newest recruit at Mukambi, having joined us only this past season, but his previous experience in the Kafue National Park means he is no amateur. Having trained under a renowned guide from Zimbabwe, Benson Siawaleva, he makes every safari unique by discussing the whole ecosystem and how every aspect of nature works together to create such an environment. He prides himself on being able to find something interesting, out of what people would usually consider to be nothing. He is all about making friends, and not only teaching which guiding, but also learning from other guests experiences in their own culture, as well as other parts of Africa.

Nicholas Kalembelembe

Favourite Animal: Elephant

Mukambi Safari Lodge has a strong trainee programme in all of its departments, and Nicholas has spent the past two seasons as our trainee guide. He spends his time working with the guides, especially his little brother Ferrison, and learning about the bush. You can find him on a game drive, enjoying the excitement it guarantees, which you cannot find in an everyday job. From the trees to the lions, he is sure to liven up your safari.