Born in Livingstone, Simba first came to the Kafue National Park when she was little more than a year old. She was exactly the same age as Robyn and Edjan’s youngest daughter, Lara.

When Lara was a baby and crawling around the house, Simba would bring all kinds of snakes into the house which we’re certain were gifts for Lara to play with!

In her lifetime she gave birth to 24 kittens, fathered by true African Wildcats of the bush. Of those kittens, 10 were taken home by guests, mainly Zambian residents, but one went as far as The Netherlands, staying within Robyn’s family. Unfortunately, not one of these kittens stayed in their new homes, but disappeared back in the wilds of the bush.

Simba, however was different, and much preferred the comfort of the lodge and the attention she received from everyone around her. She could often be seen sunning herself on the viewing deck, or curled up in a chair by the fire. She became very friendly with the guests and staff alike, particularly Maggie, who would find Simba sprawled all over her paperwork in the office every time she sat down to work.

On 25th June during the winter of 2019, Simba could not be found at the lodge. We waited in hope that she would return for food and attention as usual, but sadly she has not been seen since. We hope that at the age of 17, she had found a warm place on such a cold night to settle herself and drift off to sleep forever. May she rest in peace wherever she may be. She is sorely missed by us all.