In October Cikoko Charity planted 100 new trees and helped us out with some TLC at the school.

 In 2006 Mukambi Safaris set up the Mukambi Community School, to bring an education facility to the community as a sure way to educate their children. 

First established in 2010, Cikoko charity was set up as a charity in the UK to sponsor Mukambi Community School, after the charity’s founders, Nick Truyens, Graham Smith, Hazel Nicholls and Janet Laude (having first visited in 2006), wanted to help the lodge fund the school and reach its full potential. Read all about the school’s history.

In October of this year, Mukambi Safaris and Mukambi Commuity School were delighted to welcome members of the Cikoko Charity back to Kafue, where the team helped to plant 100 trees in the name of conservation, and facilitated some overall upkeep and repair work on our vital little community school.

Cikoko provides funding for the advancement of education by supporting remote, rural community schools in Zambia. Funds are applied through: Teachers’ salaries; Teacher training; School equipment and materials; Set work books and stationery; Library development; School infrastructure development and improvements; and, Scholarship Awards to support the further education of pupils. Find out more about the Charity and its amazing work here.

Over the past 8 years the school has produced some of the top performing students in the region and a number of them have gone on to attend local colleges. Some ex-students are now members of the local management team at the lodge and are contributing back into the community. Responsible tourism is the only kind of tourism for us at Mukambi, and we know that by investing in community that we are helping to enhance the local economies, which in turn strengthens conservation efforts and relationships in the Park.