“Mukambi Safari Lodge meant for us Serenity, Luxury and Adventure!”

Car packed with enthusiasm, girl talk and suitcases filled with style, Muso and Alice left Lusaka – destination: Mukambi. Nature was calling, and the two ladies were more than ready to answer, excited to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and spend time in the bush.

After a three-hour drive filled with conversation and colourful Zambian scenery, the pair arrived at the Kafue National Park gate. Equal delight was shared in knowing there were only 45 minutes more to go to Mukambi Safari Lodge, 45 minutes to their luxury getaway.

“Our arrival at the lodge was nothing short of warm smiles met with cold beverages from the staff”.

Soaking in the ambience and the views, the ladies spent time exploring the lodge before preparing for an evening cruise on the Kafue River. Dressed in safari chic they set off to sip sundowners, accompanied by an array of birds while floating past hippos and crocodiles, all bidding farewell to the African sun. The Mukambi guide narrated their experience with knowledge of the river and surrounding wildlife, providing the perfect combination of magic and reality.


The next day was spent in and out of the lodge pool, sharing stories and cocktails, enjoying each other’s company and indulging in relaxation. Adrenalin picked up with a late afternoon game drive, highlighting the trip with a lion sighting – the sights and sounds of an interacting pride proving unforgettable. Zebra, elephant and impala also graced the safari seekers with their presence, this combined with an African sunset, fringed the day with satisfaction.

 “I have visited Mukambi three times now and still can never have enough! It is indeed the epitome of luxury safari. The experience you have there is one to remember and share for years to come”.

Muso and Alice left the following morning with a sense of pride in Mukambi Safari Lodge and Kafue National Park – both putting Zambia on the map. After spending time with the guides learning about the conservation efforts which protect the park and it’s wildlife, they realise how important it is to spread the word – helping impact through choosing conscientious travel operators, such as Mukambi.

 “Kafue National Park is a true gem that needs to be promoted and protected”.

Car packed with reflection, girl talk, suitcases filled with style and minds filled with memories, the two travellers head back to Lusaka. Rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for the hustle and bustle of the city – until nature calls again.


Photo Credits: Muso Meyers @the_stylish_traveller_
Written by @Wild_Travel_Media